large airplane storage hangar with a Bi-Fold Door

Airplane Storage Featuring Schweiss Doors!

There are several types of buildings that can be designed for your airplane storage. The three most common airplane hangar styles are the rectangular hangar, standard “T” hangar, and the full nested “T” hangar.

Rectangular airplane storage with a Bi-fold door

Rectangular Airplane Storage Hangars

The rectangular hangar is the most commonly used building for airplane storage, mostly at smaller airports and airfields. This type of airplane hangar design offers a fully customizable size and the maximum amount of floor space of the three airplane storage designs. Most often, a rectangular hangar is privately owned, allowing the owner to fully customize their airplane storage needs.

An airplane “hangar” as part of a hangar-home, in most cases is rectangular, allowing it to blend in with the associated “home” structure. Choosing a Schweiss Bifold Door or “One-Piece” hydraulic door for the “airplane hangar” allows you to have a fully customized high quality door.

Airplane Storage using a Nested T Hangar with Bi-fold Doors

Nested “T” Airplane Storage Hangars

For airplane storage, a nested “T” hangar, generally shorter and wider, is the solution for both smaller and larger airports. This airplane storage design conserves space as each hangar is placed end-to-end. The nested “T” hangar system allows you to store the same number of aircraft as the standard “T” hangar system, and is the best use of available space.

Sliding doors can create problems when neighbors are trying to access their airplane hangars at the same time. Schweiss offers two great door systems that will give you full access to your hangar and won’t interfere with the adjacent airplane hangars. A Schweiss BifIold or a “One-Piece” Door will lift up and away from the “T” hangar allowing everyone access to their airplane hangars at the same time.

Airplane storage using a Standard T Hangar with Bi-fold Doors

Standard “T” Airplane Storage Hangars

The standard “T” style hangar is similar to the nested “T” hangar, but it offers additional storage space. The standard “T” style hangar offers 5% more storage space than the nested “T” hangar. In the standard “T” hangar storage layout, the hangar doors are separated by the tail section of the adjacent airplane hangars.

Sliding doors and stacking doors are often designed to slide into the tail section of the adjacent airplane hangar. This can cause problems when two airplane owners are trying to slide their doors into the same adjacent tail section. Schweiss doors eliminate this storage problem by offering two great doors that lift up and away from the airplane hangars. With this design sliding doors won’t steal any valuable storage space from you or your neighbors.


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